Creating Foil Business Cards: Business Idea with Small Capital

2019 - 07.12.

The use of business cards as marketing tool never goes out of trend. Until now, despite of the many new and advanced marketing tools that are rising up, the use of business cards in connecting to people especially potential clients remain to be effective. That’s why, business card printing business never goes out of trend.  If you want to be one of those who provide services in printing business cards, then it’s the right time for you to start.

But hey! Starting a business with business card printing now has a twist. Gone with the days that printing company would simply layout business cards and print the cards in white glossy paper. Today, the foil business cards are on trend. And because these kinds of business cards are “in”, it means you should be learning on how to start a business foil business card printing. If you are curious to know more about foil business cards, click here.


Creating Metallic Foil Business Cards

If you’re gonna start a metallic foil business card printing, you should understand that the kind of process as well as the printing of this kind of business card is far different from printing traditional paper business cards.

Take note that some metallic business cards are simply printed in metallic ink. Usually, metallic ink allows you to achieve an attractive business card. 

For others, they do not limit themselves in using metallic ink. Some use foil to achieve desired elegant designs.  Foils actually can be used in variety of cardstock and materials. Any cardstock can actually produce a metallic effect. 

There are two different ways on how to use foil: hot foil or hot foil stamping and cold foil. Hot foil is the process that use heat and pressure to transfer the metallic foil to cardstock. Foils can be of different colours and not just limited to gold, silver or bronze.  Most printing companies offer many colour options for foil stamping.


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